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I'm sire there's a lot of people here that has heard the name Nostradamus before. He was a French man that published a collection of prophecies.

Now a lot of things that he has mention in the 1500 have came true, some were Major Events. Now I was wondering if you guys believe in Nostradamus? And what do you think of him?
I don't think he's legit. Or rather, I think even if he is, it's useless, and will be until someone can actually decipher what he says before it happens.


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i actually find him very interesting. he actually predicted his own murder while he was on his way to visit the queen, he played sick in a hotel for three days so that time time frame passed before he continued.

i'm intrigued by the recent release of his artwork leading up to the end of existence and i believe we're on the way to that fate.


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If you publish a lot of vague predictions, and some don't come true, then you're incredibly unlucky. I think Nostradamus wasn't incredibly unlucky.


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its not that they haven't come true....if your a believe in nostradamus then its just that we haven't gotten to it yet


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I've been on a Nostradamus kick this weekend. I'm downloading a biography thing on him right now via iTunes. Currently theres a documentary going on about Bruce Bueno de Mesquita on the History channel.... He's sposed to be a Modern day Nostradamus, using computers and science instead of intuition.

Checking out some of the drawings released its pretty insane to think that someone that far back in the past could have gotten that detailed in the imagery on things like the aircraft and explosives.


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I'm not sure what to think about him. A lot of the stuff he's predicted HAS come true in some form. Generally it's probably not impossible to find events to plug into his predictions though so that doesn't necessarily prove that he predicted the future.

Some were pretty specific though from what I've seen in videos on the History Channel and whatnot. One can't help but wonder. He had thousands of predictions and there haven't really been too many that were WAY off.


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I did believe it when I was little. My brother brought home a movie about him because of school work, and I was fascinated. But that's a long time ago. I don't know if I believe it now.
Can't remember many of his predictions anymore either. But sometimes you see what you wanna see, so I'm a bit skeptic.