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aka ginger warlock
This morning when I got into work a friend had a packet of "Nerds", if you do not know what they are they are small sweets made by the Wonka sweet company, I love those things and instantly asked where he got them.

Do you have any sweets/movies/songs/tv programs that take you back to when you were younger and had good memories attached? I think for me I will always think of Bugsy Mallone in a fond way I as I loved it growing up and also did it as a play in highschool and really enjoyed working on it.


Registered Member
I can think of one, one song from when I was 12.

It was the Eesti junior gymnastics finals, after 3 events I was in second place with only floor left, my strongest event. The song was "Axel F" and I did it perfectly and won Eesti junior champion by 3/10 of a point. It was the first and one of few times in my life I felt I did something perfect, something even bigger than myself.


Usually, nostalgia will only hit me with video games and music. Playing any NES - Playstation game or listening to any 80's - 00's will give me a dose of nostalgia. Feels weird, man, really weird. ^.~


still nobody's bitch
I don't have very many good memories from high school except for working on theater productions. We'd listen to Billy Joel's Greatest Hits while building the sets, so some of those songs make me nostalgic. I'm not a Billy Joel fan by any stretch, but those songs are guilty pleasures for that reason.


Registered Member
Regalad, which is a fruity sweet, is still bringing lot's of memories..

It's just show how much a taste, a smell have a huge impact on our memory..

chewing away..


Registered Member
This is going to sound weird, but the way people smell reminds me of other people. I had a customer one day that smelled exactly like one of my grandmothers. A lot of old men seem to use the same soap and aftershave, which makes me think of my great-grandfather because he used them too.


Band Nerd ♫
Video games, music, and smells are particularly nostalgic for me. Also the feeling of seasons can cause lots of nostalgia, too. Autumn has always been a time where I've gained a lot of nostalgia and whenever the first feeling of autumn hits, nostalgia hits. :lol:

Funny thing is that I have nostalgia for as recent as 2008, now. My life is completely different from around that time and to me there and beforehand are my childhood, so I get particularly nostalgic about it.

But it is very weird being nostalgic of things so recent, I know.
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