Nosferatu Alucard

I made this for you because I love using Hellsing pictures because they look so good. Oh and I saw your request somewhere but now I cannot find it so yeah :)



I would also like comments on it from everybody, please? Thanks


Undead Intellectual
Sweet deal. + rep


Could you possibly change the letters of the avi? They're a little hard to read. And with the sig, can you change the white background?



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Alucard it's suppose to be a freeform mine where the top part sticks out above and looks like it's standing by itself >>;

But oooohhh...Alucard is one of the coolest gothic anime character's out there and this sig just inhances that statement too*glomps it* But Omega...I don't think the avie should be freeform though, it looks kinda weird that way and doesn't seem right. Anyway nice job though with the pics and all, I love the set and how it was done with the blending of black and red. Now excuse me while I stare at it for alittle while longer*stares*


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Well Omega are u saying that N is indeed an A? Because taking a second glance at it, ironicly it does look like what Hoosier said >>;