Nose Bleeds


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since iw as a kid I've always gotten a lot of nose bleeds. Most of the time they're from allergies and dry air. The warmer the dry air the more likely I am to get a nose bleed.

I can usually just pinch just below that piece of bone that sicks out and it'll stop fairly quickly. Once and a while a vein will rupture (not as bad as it sounds, trust me) and I have to hold my nose pinched shut for an hour or two.

Does anyone else get frequent nose bleeds? How do you deal with them?

Bliss and I started to discuss how you shouldn't put your head back. I know I was told to never do it because I choked on the clot because it slipped into my throat. Are there any other reasons?


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Yah, choking on the clot is annoying. I just find that tipping my head back gets them to stop faster. I get really dry sinuses all the time, and I find myself getting tons of nose bleeds during the winter. It's really annoying.



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I myself never suffer from nose bleeds unless it's under extreme circumstances.

My 2 brothers though, whenever it's hot, there nose is like a water fountain, just keeps flowing.


i've never had nose bleeding and i didn't know you shouldn't put your head back.


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I've only had one nose bleed in my life time and that was when I was really young.

I think I would only get a nose bleed if someone punched my in the nose.


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I suffer from random nosebleeds too. I always get them in the summer or if there's a sudden change in temperature. I was staying at my parents once and it was really hot in their house. When I got back to my house it was freezing cold and I had a nosebleed after about an hour of being there.
My mum's a nurse and she always says the best thing to do is to pinch the top of the nose and tilt your head down. It's the best way for it to clot and stop.


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I used to get them quite often as a kid, but I haven't had one in years now. I remember my parents telling me to never tip my head back when I got them, then when I was at school, the teachers would tell me to tip my head back then get pissed at me when I refused. I think that was part of the reason it was always written in my school reports that I was a difficult child :lol:


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I've been getting these a lot lately but there doesn't seem to be any reason or rhyme to them. It can be the most inconveniant thing in the world when blood randomly starts pouring out your nose in public! If I'm at home I usually just twirl the end of a tissue and plug up my nose.... sexy.