North Dakota gives human rights to fertalized eggs

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by Hiei, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Hiei

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    North Dakota House Gives Fertilized Eggs Human Status - Presidential Politics | Political News -

    Well, North Dakota has definitely decided when life begins. I'm not sure that I like this. Even though they said it's not going to outright outlaw abortion, it looks like it's not going to be far off. In North Dakota, at least. What do you think about this?

  2. MenInTights

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    State's rights baby. Good job ND.
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  3. WingsOfDesire

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    Finally! The argument of abortion is moot until you decide at what age life begins. Now, North Dakota's definition of it isn't gonna be the same as others would say, but they had the right to do this. :thumbup:

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