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Football North Carolina Football Banned From 2012 Post-Season


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The NCAA has placed North Carolina's football program on three years' probation and banned it from the 2012 postseason, the governing body announced Monday.

The school already had imposed several penalties, including vacating all 16 wins for 2008 and 2009, reducing nine scholarships over the next three academic years and putting the program on two years of probation.

But the NCAA didn't stop at UNC's self-imposed penalties, finding that the school was responsible for violations including academic fraud, impermissible agent benefits, participation by ineligible players and a failure to monitor the football program.

According to the NCAA, multiple student-athletes received impermissible benefits totaling more than $31,000, six players competed while ineligible and an assistant coach, who was not named in the report, was compensated by a sports agent for the access he provided to student-athletes and failed to disclose the income to the university.

The NCAA said it issued a three-year show-cause penalty and recruiting ban to the former assistant coach, who was also cited for unethical conduct and failing to cooperate with investigators.
I kind of forgot about the whole North Carolina deal until they just got dropped with a 2012 Post-Season Ban. I'm hoping this is going to be the same deal that happens to Miami because I think it's one of the lesser penalties they'll receive. I say I hope this is what Miami gets because of the rumors of the Death Penalty.


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One thing I've never been clear on, when the NCAA takes away a school's scholarships, does that mean scholarships that open up due to graduation/leaving the program, or just the total number of scholarships.


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Let's say that every year, the school has 25 scholarships to offer to a new recruits.. that means for next year, they'll be down to 22.