North American Union?

Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by pro2A, Aug 22, 2007.

  1. pro2A

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    Rumors are circulating that there is a North American Union that is or has been signed. I don't see what’s messed up in Bush's head here but this will not help the war on terror. If anything this will only worsen the immigration problem which also stems to the terrorist problem. I have nothing against our friends to the north or to the south, but we are at war with terror like it or not. We need to SECURE our borders and restrict access to young Middle Eastern men and stop all this politically correct crap and really weed out who is the threat. This NAU will only make it easy to get back and forth into the USA.

    Not to mention this inter-continental highway they plan on building through Texas and Arizona ON private property. Texas has castle doctrine laws that extends to the land outside your house that you own… this could get messy.

    A lot of Americans will be pissed. Ideas on this?


  2. Merc

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    Great . . . more ways to segregate people and really drive us apart.

    We'll always be "at war" with terrorism because there will always be people that use those tactics against their enemies and those they don't agree with. It would be so easy for any terrorist, Middle-Eastern or not, to hire someone else to do their dirty work. It seems easy to just weed out the middle easterners, but it also doesn't make much sense.
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    This was in the works WAYYYYY before Bush. It's been around ever since the foundation work was set in place, like NAFTA. It's been around ever since the EU started forming.
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    Seems like a treaty could unify the three nations and keep terrorists from manifesting themselves in the surrounding countries. They have yet to set up camp in Mexico, but it is an obvious opening. Or.. does that make any sense?

    Also, what exactly are "castle doctrine laws"?

  5. Martel

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    The castle doctrine (in Texas anyway) is not a property legislation, it simply makes you unsue-able in a case of self defense. I fail to see how that law has any bearing on the NAU... Please explain.

    As for the NAU it (as of now) really isn't necessary. Maybe further down the road it might be a good economic move, but right now the US and EU basically have the same economic strength and growth. Once that status quo changes it might be a good idea to bring the (economically secure) Americas together , but not quite yet.
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    I haven't seen a lick of evidence that North America may become anything like the EU. I'm sure such a thing has been discussed, and it damn well should be, just as all such things should be considered. That doesn't mean it's a plan in the works though. It strikes me as misguided to take any agreement or cooperation amongst North American nations as evidence of impending political and economic ties of the sort that the EU has. There simply is no secret conspiracy to do as much.
  8. tipsycatlover

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    The EU had a better chance than any NAU because the members of the EU were basically the same, same basic economy, same basic standard of living. When the eastern europeans joined that created a terrible situation as the poor from eastern european nations started moving into the stable europe. In this hemisphere, the intentionally kept poor of mexico would be the millstone around the neck of any NAU.
  9. Martel

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    The NAU would face a problem that would probably put the last nail in the coffin: Language Barrier. In Europe the majority of the continent's population knew at least their language and english. Here the only Mexicans that would speak english in mexico would be Pedro and Jose who served me my cocktails in Cozumel (Figurativly, because I don't drink). And the only Americans that speak spanish are in S. California, Arizona and Texas. On top of that the Canadians who do speak spanish are usually American raised. :smile:

    What I am trying to say is that the NAU would fail before it really gets started...

  10. Kazmarov

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    Doubtful, because Mexico has labor and Canada has resources. I don't think they'd see benefits, as they'd be exploited most likely.

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