Norman Ad-Aware?

Purchased Ad-Aware SE Enterprise and have been unable to execute via AD push out. Norman Ad-Aware is supposedly a close match. I have not heard of them, and Ad-Aware support is lacking in assistance via email.



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Try Spybot S&D. Free, fast, no problems whatsoever. If you must buy something however, buy McAffee (sp?) because it's excellent.


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I would never buy anything McAffe. Just get Windows Defender and the free version of Ad-Aware, it's all you need. I don't even use Ad-Aware, Windows Defender and Norton Anti-Virus 2007 take care of everything that could come into my system.


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Try ... and as for antivirus, NOD32 is the best one available.
We use AdAware, Spybot S&D, and ewido for spyware stuff.