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Discussion in 'Movies & TV' started by Pugz, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

  2. Buddhz

    Buddhz Registered Member

    I adore Russell Brand but I'm not sure how I feel about this...
  3. Pugz

    Pugz Ms. Malone V.I.P. Lifetime

    Brand is an asshole.

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  4. wolfheart

    wolfheart Registered Member

    If they cast him in the next film,it may well be enough to put me off of seeing it!,i agree with you Pugz,it would be a huge mistake.
  5. Bananas

    Bananas Endangered Species



    Im not to keen on Brand but I think he might play a good pirate. Im happy to see him once every three years in the occasional film if it means he is not on TV or radio every other night...its a small price to pay.

    RATTIE Registered Member

    Oh dear, I really think he would spoil it.
    Such a shame, they're fantastic films.
  7. Nixola

    Nixola Boom Boom Pow!

    i agree, POTC would suck with that guy in them. he would put me off watching them
    they better not go ahead with this
    although he does look alot like jack sparrow coz if the eyeliner and black hair lol
  8. Wade8813

    Wade8813 Registered Member

    I'm willing to reserve judgment on this one.
  9. LadyPinky

    LadyPinky scientia potestas est

    I like Russell Brand. Don't know how I feel about this though.
  10. dDave

    dDave Guardian of the Light V.I.P.

    I'm just going to predict that this movie tanks especially when compared to the first 3 the third being the worst.

    Without the Original cast I don't think that this movie will do well at all.

    Russell Brand is a huge mistake for this movie.

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