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Non video gaming sections


Secret Agent
Staff member
I have combined all videogames into one section to help keep things more simple. To compensate for the change, I am going to be opening up some more sections for discussion of other types of games. If you have any ideas for new sections please post them here.

Sections could include card games, board games, etc. i.e. Magic, the Gathering, LOTR card games, etc.

Thoughts, ideas, etc are welcome.


Registered Member
glad to see you got rid of the direct x stuff... but combining current gen and next gen, is that such a great idea.

When someone goes into the nintendo section now they have to scroll through 7-8 of the past gen stuff just to get to the current generation. (unless they click from the main forum page)

its not so bad for the other current gen as they only have 1-2 other forums, but Nintendo is going on its 11 system with the upcomeing Revolution, and that section looks might cluttered.