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Non poker players.........


Registered Member
Is there a possibility that us non poker players can exchange our chips for goods in the GF store, if of course we do have a store in the future.
What would be the exchange rate too?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've been thinking of something like that. Keep in minds that the GF store will consist of only GF virtual items. Nothing is going to be worth any cash value at all.


Wanna play?
I have 799 chips just hanging out here...it would be fun to have something besides poker to spend them on.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Agreed. Then again I could let them accumulate until I become filthy rich in poker chips:shifty:


Registered Member
I like poker and I really need to start playing here. I like the idea though. I post a lot so I don't need to worry about chips.


i dont play poker but i see my chips raking up in the numbers... and i think "wow what a waste :( "
so a GF store could be fun :)


Wanna play?
I wonder who has the most unused chips? I'm now at 812
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Registered Member
At the moment I have 620.