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I think that's the MAJOR downside to the high profile wacky auctions... I think bidders think it's a joke (some bidders). That's why I was surprised that it was a purse that I got screwed on.

I still have the purse at least, but I've listed it twice now, it's not going to be worth it to list it again if I don't get paid or my fees refunded!!

speaking of purses... Ohhhh Ares.... :) I'm listing some more this afternoon, including a paper doll patterned one :p



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which purse did you get screwed on???

and DAMMITT!! Lana...send me an email of the purses...I wanna see... maybe save you the trouble of auction fees????


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the non payment was on the summer stripes one (which I LOVE.. I don't get it).

PM me your email addy and I'll send pics. I have all of them ready to go cept one, and I've gotta take it's pic here in a min.



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Sorry, to hear that. I have had some non-paying customers, but once I filed the NPB, I would get the e-mail from the winner, stating that the payment will be mailed out, or they paid with PayPal. The one bidder and also a seller on Ebay, if you can believe this. Bid and won on one of my auctions. She didn't respond to any e-mails, until the NPB. She told me that she had car problems, and had her vehicle towed long distance, and couldn't pay because of finances. Well, this same bidder won other auctions, and paid for all the other auctions except for mine. I have since blocked her from ever bidding on any more of my auctions. She buys off of Ebay, and then resells the items on Ebay. I don't know how she could make a big profit.