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OK, I sold a purse last week, and the chick that bought it did not pay when she was supposed to. I wrote her, and she sent me a note saying her paycheck bounced and she can't buy it. she was a brand new user, and bid on quite a few things, won 4. I wrote someone else and asked if she paid the because I was contemplating a neg.

I feel bad, if it's true, then she couldn't help it, but on the other hand, why should *I* be out my listing fees?

What would you all do?


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Tough one...but this is your business. If she went to a grocery store, they wouldnt let her pay with an IOU, which is pretty much what she has done to you. She shouldn't have bid without the money to cover it. I think I would give her the chance to pay today. But I would also let her know, after you receive payment, that she will be blocked from further auctions .


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I guess I'm a little colder on this subject. If you can't pay don't bid. I would give her till fri to pay. Don't feel sorry for them you don't know if they are pulling your leg or not.
If the bidder doesn't pay by fri I would file a claim( Non paying bidder) with eBay.
Some want you to feel sorry for them and leave a positive FB. Don't do it.!!!! There has ben a lot of scamers trying that trick to boost their feedbacks.
File a claim with ebay and save all emails with the buyer.That's my two cents...


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I agree with Night. They always have a story why they cant pay. I dont bid if I cant pay end of story. I make sure I have the money in the account before hand. File NPB and get your fees back. If your worried about neg...dont leave any untill they do if they leave neg you do the same.


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Personally, I think it just blows that they can leave any feedback at all. If they do not pay, the transaction never even takes place on their end. The only one who has any right to leave feedback whatsoever is the seller in this instance. Ebay really needs to fix the feedback rules.


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I had this one guy that bought a knife from me....after one week of not answering my e-mails I filed a complaint and after 3 weeks I left neg...I felt bad cuz he had 100% feedback.....I thought this is weird that he would not pay me.... a few days later he e-mailed me and sent the money...said he went on vacation and forgot he even bid on it....I believed him cuz of his past feedback...I left a followup to the neg I left him....and he had even left me positive....


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I don't think he really would have much right to complain, it was him that forgot and not you, but it was nice he didn't leave a neg.

I decided to follow night's advice and I sent her an email, told her I was sorry of her circumstances, but her bid was a contract and she had til friday to pay and I was filing non-payment claim with ebay.

I know it used to be you were *required* to give a neg. Is that still the case?

I'm sure she won't care regardless, she was a brand new user (shoulda been a red flag).. she can always jsut open a new account.



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Hey Lana

I get a LOT of newbie buyers on my auctions & I prolly file a handful of NPB every week. Usually within a day of filing they do pay. I never had anyone say they didn't have the money, that's a new one. I have had buyers contact me with different stories (one said her son bid on the item without her permission). But in all my time on ebay, this has only happened a handful of times & if I had other bidders on my auction then I let the buyer pay my listing & final value fees & I send a 2nd chance offer to the next person. But these were also buyers with a history & good FB record.

I think you did the right thing on this one though. Newbies need to realize that these are binding contracts & they can't just go on there & bid on what they wish & not pay. Ebay should have stricter rules with if they bid & don't pay in & get a NPB in the beginning, then they should be suspended for a certain amount of time.


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I had to file a NPB for the silly Paris in my Sponge auction. Again, good feedbacks in her or his history. But will not answer any emails after all this time?? Hey girlie, you gotta do what you gotta do.