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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nani1987, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. nani1987

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    Hi all, As some may know I have MS and it is a pretty much a misunderstood diease. I had an idea when I had a Live tv interview yestersday at the local station the covers the valley,of Northern california.
    I am pretty much a MS advocate and basically trying to set up an impossible task but I am gonna try as heck to do it.
    I had the support of the local tv station and they are going to help me, it would be great to do it national but that would be a mircle...
    Does anyone have any media contacts that may be interested in doing this impossible task..???? email me or contact or post here.....
    I have a few but not many...
    Ana nani1987 :hmph:

  2. SamusAran86

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    I'm sorry, but I cannot help you there. All I could do would be forward it to local news stations here and see if they pick it up, otherwise, Im worthless for your cause

    Usually storys like this will make it on the local news here. Almost all the stations cover stuff from around the country and this is one thay would most likely tell.

    Most of all, I wish you luck. My best friend sufferes from Nuerological Parkinsons, something I wouldnt wish on my worst enemy. I hope things go well with this
  3. Mina

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    you could try emailing Komo News... they serve Seattle, Tacoma, and the greater Nothwest... they also have a radio station

    KOMO News tips, story ideas, comments, etc.

    [email protected]
    (206) 404-4145 or (206) 404-4422

    KOMO 1000 News (KOMO Radio)

    [email protected]
    (206) 404-5666
    (206) 404-3646

    Northwest Afternoon this is a talk show that does interviews with people. Also helps make people aware of things like MS, Parkinsins, Fibromialga, etc
    [email protected]

    Komo People Helper:

    (206) 441-HELP

    or you could reach any of these by mail at

    140 Fourth Ave. North
    Seattle, Washington 98109

    you can go to their web site by going here

    I hope this helps... I know what it's like to live with a misunderstood diease. I have both fibromyalgia and adenomyosis... I have also been a care taker to a wonderful woman that also had MS

    I do know what your going through (((HUGS)))

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