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Amusing Nokia accuses Apple of Siri bias


aka ginger warlock
Source: BBC News

Nokia accuses Apple of Siri bias over smartphone answer

The debate over "what is the best smartphone ever?" took an unexpected twist after Apple's voice-activated assistant Siri appeared to favour the iPhone's rival.
Over the weekend, users of Siri were told the answer was Nokia's Lumia 900.
But Siri now responds to the same question with a jovial: "Wait... there are other phones?"
To me this is just plain funny. I am really not sure what Nokia expect apple to do with this when even a representative admits they find the comments light hearted and out of context. My only thinking of the reason for this is that Nokia are THAT worried about their products. If someone owns an iPhone I cannot see them asking it to recomend another phone for them and if they do suspect a different phone is better they will do their own research, to me I just shake my head and think "poor nokia, has it really come to this? really?" and that Nokia need to learn how to choose their battles and that this is a battle they cannot win.

Poor poor Nokia....


The lumia is a sexy piece of tech. I wouldn't bother fighting apple on anything unless you've got enough money for a lengthy court case lol


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It was awesome while it lasted, they fixed it now though :( Siri now says "You're kidding, right?"