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Noisy neighbourhood or silent street?


Sally Twit
Is it particularly quiet where you live or do have to put up with lots of noise outside?

I live on a road which every ambulance drives down when getting to or from our main hospital so I hear sirens all through the day.
I can also hear cars driving past when I'm in the living room as I have a door that leads to the balcony of my flat.
Other than traffic it is a quiet street.


Registered Member
It's a relatively quiet neighborhood, (the people are pretty quiet, tolerable) but, I have a train crossing less than 1/2 mile from my place, and the tracks themselves wind around in such a way, I end up hearing the horn toots for 2 different crossroads. I live exactly 1 mile from the interstate. And there is an airport 5 miles down the road as well. Plus, our hospital is right across from the train tracks, so that puts it about 1/2 mile from me too, and I hear the helicopters when they are Life Flighting someone to the ER. I hear it all, but surprisingly none of it bothers me, maybe I have gotten used to it. And at night, I hear the trains a lot, but they still don't bother me.


Lion Rampant
Lately I've been staying in my ex's spare room, because she's between roomies and has had a phobia about living alone since childhood. (A neighbor back then was shot in the face after answering his door late at night and the killer escaped through her yard.) This is a cul-de-sac, so there's never any ear-splitting noise outside. I'm right near two large streets, though, and a fire station sits between here and my sister's place a few blocks down, so sirens coming from relatively nearby are an everyday thing.

When I was about thirteen I lived on a main highway with large bedroom windows overlooking the sidewalk/pavement/footpath. The first time I was awakened from my boyish dreams by the scream of an ambulance and red lights bouncing off my walls, I just about shat the sheets.
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still nobody's bitch
It's pretty noisy here. My road is one of only 3 that go between the town where I live (hickville middle of nowhere) and Ann Arbor, where everything is. There's traffic at all hours of the day and night, and they drive pretty fast.


Well-Known Member
Its pretty quiet on my street but once in awhile, me and my two next door neighbors would have parties and wake up the neighborhood. When we have parties, we use a salt water aquarium light to brighten up the backyard. The backyard neighbors were wondering what the heck was going on and I asked them if the light was bothering them and they said no. They were wondering what was going on. I think the light can be seen from the space station. :nod:


Well-Known Member
It's very quiet where I live. It's in a forested area. The closest public road is about 1/4 a mile away, there's a fair amount of traffic but we hardly ever hear it, and when we do it's usually quiet.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
My neighborhood is very quiet. There is a house down the street that has parties sometimes but overall it's mostly families or older people.

It might sound weird but I like it better this way. I like peaceful.


yellow 4!
My street is very quiet considering I'm only ten minutes walk from the town centre, and my university campus (with clubs included) is right across the road. I feel like I've written that exact thing before so I'm going to have to search for a dupe of this thread now, lol. [edit: found it, it's similar but different enough for this one to stay too]
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Registered Member
Right now I have music blaring and about 20 people out the front across the road, which I'm assuming is because my neighbour and his friends are going to the music festival on today, as it's midday.

Other than that, you get the odd party on the street here and there, but it's a fairly quiet street. Not many cars either as there are alternative, easier routes to all the streets that run off our street.


Creeping On You
I live 2 blocks from a hospital, so I hear all the sirens of the ambulances. I've grown used to it. If my window is open, I can hear people on the street walking by and talking and stuff. Other than that, it's not so bad. It's normal noises of the city I guess.