Nobleman Of Crossout (Nobleman), Tuesday September 12th 2006

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With the new changes to the Forbidden/Limited our old friend Nobleman has one again been knocked down o 1. As a result this may hold some new things for the format.

Nobleman may become a staple. Like many cards before it such as D.D. Warrior Lady and Mystical Space Typhoon have all gotten restricted to one and have become staples. Now that Nobleman is at one the question is now raised; can Nobleman be a staple?

To answer the question I would have to say, I don't know. I've played in format where there was only one and it didn't bother me much. While I played it in both my main and side I could honestly care less. How ever I must admit that I always made the space to use it. This is why I'm uncertain as to why I wouldn't know.

Nobleman can get rid of those pesky facedown monsters, but I'm sure we have all gotten it at a time we didn't need it. I know I have and this is what pushes it to the side deck from time to time.

To say the least Nobleman is a always going to be a 1-1. It can always get rid of multiple copies of the removed monster if it is a flip effect. And one of our all time fav's would be the ability to go in for game with the board possibly being off the board.

On the bad side though the nobleman goes 1-1. While most of the time it's a good thing, but some time you don't want to use some of your resources to take away from your opponents resources. Also you may find removing multiple copies of a flip effect to be a bad thing. Depending on how many copies got removed in total may cause an upset in either play drawing what they need faster then what it would have originally been. Also you may find those removed monster coming back at you if an Return is played and that can hurt.

If you really feel the need to play Nobleman but you may not want to take risk and, if you are willing to take other risk then you may want to play Mystic Swordsman LV2.

Personally I play both, but ultimately it's your decision. I hope I was able to help. Until next time.

Traditional: 2.5-5
Advanced: 2-5
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