No Trump then Who?


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No one.

I can't think of anyone who would fit that role well because it's basically by definition that you need to be a relentless scumbag to be a politician let alone the president.


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I listened to highlights of the climate town hall last night. Some of those candidates seem like nice people but I don't understand why anyone would support those extreme views. Getting rid of cars, banning fracking and nuclear, carbon tax, paying for abortions in poor nations.


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MIT I doubt most people do but if the ones that support that ever stopped and thought about what banning those things would do they wouldn't. At least many of them wouldn't. I think most people realize they need to get to work and eat.
Lots of people like Trump as president and lots hate him..

If Trump were not voted in as president who then would you want as president to be running our country now? Why? What would this person be doing for our country that Trump might not be now?
It can be anyone you want.
You guys like your celebrity presidents... If I were from down there I'd vote for Mike Holmes if he was on the ballot. Housing crisis solved. :D

Seriously though, I watch his shows all the time and he strikes me at face value as a very down-to-Earth, practical minded individual with a heart for people. It'd be a major paradigm shift for American voters, but I reckon they could get on board.
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