No Trump then Who?


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Lots of people like Trump as president and lots hate him..

If Trump were not voted in as president who then would you want as president to be running our country now? Why? What would this person be doing for our country that Trump might not be now?
It can be anyone you want.


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That is a good question but for the life of me I can't think of anyone. It would be a centrist, couldn't support the far left or far right. It would have to be someone that put the Constitution, American people and this country before all other countries and its people. Not that I would want them to treat others unfairly.


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It would have to be first and foremost, someone who doesn't do things for his own inflated ego and branding but actually for the good of his constituents and the country he has the honor to serve. No matter the political affiliation, you must be selfless, not selfish. Inclusive, not self-centered. It's not about "Me, myself and I." It's about "you, the American people and honorable citizens of the United States of America".


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Nobody that has held the office of POTUS has fit that description since General George Washington.

If I had my choice, Rand Paul or Chief Justice John Roberts would be POTUS.


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I'd say Rand Paul too. The only thing is he'd never get there. If by some miracle he did, he'd be impeached in a month. The era of the fiscally conservative, Constitutionally sound politician is dead. Nobody wants that. You(CO) and I are relics.


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I'd say Rand Paul too. The only thing is he'd never get there. If by some miracle he did, he'd be impeached in a month. The era of the fiscally conservative, Constitutionally sound politician is dead. Nobody wants that. You(CO) and I are relics.
Yes we are, my friend, yes we are.


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i did not follow the election trump vs hillary. i have heard the name rand paul in an article. i do not diasagree with you that he could be a good president. in fact in the year 2000 gore vs bush i started voting i was for bush because he was more of a christian view. there was a lot of w bush haters but i think the majority of them were democrats. i never hated bush because i knew for example why he was spending money out the window. w bush believed american lives were more important from world terrorists that he thought it was better to spend money to ensure nothing like this happened again. remember bin laden and hussein were alive and could have attacked us. just like revolutionary war we had no choice to own guns. war is war and it's not fair that's why you need to spend extra money sometimes. w. bush was probably so distracted that he was no thinking about other issues. he and the military captured hussein. remember bin laden was still out there getting ready for the next terrorist attack. since that day and year did america get attacked/ the answer is no.

obama pledged he was going to continue w bush with the terrorist issues. they captured bin laden pretty quickly and that's why he didn't spend lots of money like w. bush. obama was also wasting money on vacations to hawaii like politicians do.

i know paul rand is republican but i don't know him well enough. since trump was running against hillary clinton i would want her to be potus. before trump was elected lots of people were yelling they didn't want him to be president. former calif. rep. gov. arnold schwarnegger quit the apprentice because he didn't want anything to do with trump. this is a loud statement because they are both from the same political party. maria and i just read about trump and i don't think he is a true christian. him and his family were counseled by a church that teaches positive thinking. that's called psychology not salvation. he also said he does not ask God for forgiveness. maybe hillary's not the best christian but i saw her and bill going to church. she forgave bill for his sin why can't we? she's a very smart and organized woman and has many years in politics. she knows a lot about foreign affairs and could handle those issues and i think she's down to earth enough to relate to the american people. whether or not she supports the lgbt which i don't know anyways would not stop me from wanting her as a president. i think in most cases she makes good moral decisions.

george washington didn't run the law under the church. he was not a diest but a quiet christian and studied from the library of congress. that's why they created the law separate church and state. this law protects both church and state so one does not rule more. as for abortion the president does not work deeply with this issue. i believe the congess will discuss this issue. as for any concern about the lgbt the president might influence like obama did ut actually if this becomes a legal case the aclu and not the president will deal with this. maybe or maybe not hillary would be the best choice. nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. i believe hillary would try her best and no more.