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All the spamming in the spam forum is keeping me from being able to enjoy the spam. Rectify it!


AKA Ass-Bandit
There are five basic forms in Monkey Kombat. The Charging Chimp; the Bobbing Baboon; the Gimpy Gibbon; the Anxious Ape; and the Drunken Monkey. Each form defeats two other forms. For instance, the Drunken Monkey always beats the Anxious Ape.

In order to switch forms, you must make insults based upon the four words in the monkey language; ack, eek oop, and chee. For instance, to switch from Drunken Monkey to Anxious Ape, I would say the phrase ack eek oop. You can also use the same phrase to switch back from Anxious Ape to Drunken Monkey.