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No more Smeagol!


Registered Member
Just an update - the guy who was renting a room in my house finally moved out. I'm so happy he's gone. He was disgusting. And if ever there was an example of the saying that TV rots your brain, it's him. He had the TV on in his room 24/7, and he basically only left his room when he had to (for food, etc). And there were times when he seemed like a fairly competent person, other times he was completely irrational.

I was suspicious that there'd be trouble after one particular event - my dad had offered to do his laundry for him, since he had a heart attack a while ago, and his motor ability is impaired. Apparently, for whatever reason they couldn't find one of his shirts after the laundry was done. My dad offered to buy him another one. But before they got the replacement shirt, Wayne got annoyed with my dad over some little thing, and later Wayne found his shirt. He said he suspected my dad of hiding it from him to get back at him (despite the fact that my dad went out of his way to help him, and wouldn't act like a third grader even if he was trying to get back at him).

So I started getting suspicious - a person who would suspect someone else of being so petty might be that petty himself. And sure enough, after a few other things that he got upset with my dad over (almost none of which were my dad's fault), he started leaving clumps of chewing tobacco on the floor, or smearing it on the back of the toilet, etc.

Sorry for the rant - I didn't mean to be so long winded. I'm just so glad he's gone!


Lion Rampant
Very cool, Wade. That sounds like a big weight off, for both you and your dad. How old was this guy, anyway?


Creeping On You
6 0! lol smeagal!