No more Johnny Nitro!!


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It's John Morrison.

I saw the article last night on WWE and forgot to post it. I am gonna search for it now..

Yes, Got it!! @

Tonight, in an announcement like no other, the ECW World Champion known as Johnny Nitro officially renamed himself John Morrison. Not only did Morrison tell our fans about his new identity, but he delivered a special message to CM Punk – Morrison will be victorious at The Great American Bash this Sunday.

ECW will never see Johnny Nitro again. At the press conference, Morrison rocked a whole new look. He told our fans he was given his name at birth, and because of it, he was destined to accomplish great things.

“At 4 months old, I could walk. At 8 months old, I could run. How many people here could say they did that?” Morrison boldly asked. “As my mind grew up, so did my body. As a matter of fact I was so gifted intellectually, I skipped the first grade. I advanced straight to third grade. In high school, I was elected student body president… and I didn’t even run. That’s how much of a natural leader I am.”

The ECW World Champion continued to explain how he’s used his leadership skills throughout his education up until now, debuting himself as the new face of ECW. Morrison proclaimed that there’s no doubt in his mind he’ll defeat CM Punk at Sunday’s Great American Bash. The new face of ECW then pondered the meaning of the Straightedge Superstar’s name.

“Honestly, I just don’t get it. What does CM stand for? Chick master? Definitely not that. Chases men? Definitely getting a little warmer. Cookie Monster. Common man. Completely miserable,” Morrison smugly said. “And Punk… What is a punk? A punk is a disrespectful little kid with lame tattoos that doesn’t know his place.”

Suddenly, CM Punk entered the ring to confront the reinvented ECW World Champion. Morrison promised he wouldn’t lay a finger on Punk until Sunday’s Bash, and provoked Punk, asking him to explain his name. As Morrison handed Punk the microphone, the ECW Champ hit Punk twice, knocking him to the ground. After the cheap shots, Morrison annihilated Punk with a brutal corkscrew neckbreaker, leaving Punk down and out.
LOL!! Cookie Monster Punk!


I was a bit..."disgusted" at first, but the bullshit about walking at 3 months, going straight to third grade, and bringing his basketball team back from a 30+ point defecit made me laugh, so I forgave them for it.

Though I must say, he did resemble Jim Morrison with that hair, so I guess it's mission accomplished.


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Yeah what he says makes the storyline seem a bit funny but I still dislike the whole thing.
It does not matter what he changes his damn name to he will still suck more then anyone I can think of at the time. I hate the new ecw and it should be shut down before it takes more lives.


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I recon ECW doesn't get much attention these days. They should crap it. Fire the crap wrestlers and promote the others to either RAW and Smackdown..


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They are making some small bucks off the promotion and they are trying to grow it. ECW is basically the minor leagues of the WWE because all the guys the WWE has that they can't have on a show is down there.