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"No more international basketball!!"


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Owners and some fans should really stop saying NBA players(in this case) should stop playing international Basketball because of a freak injury like Paul George'.

The internationalization of the NBA has done more to line the owners' pockets than the once in a generation loss of a player for a season has done to hurt them.

It's a global product. That means on the world stage you show off your product.

Nothing will change. Nor should it. Shit happens.


Registered Member
That's idiotic!

Look at how the NHL has propelled itself since they started going to the Olympics. Among the top 4 sports, the NHL has the largest % of growth. Look at some of the injuries that have taken place in international play...


Registered Member
Ridiculous. This could've happened anywhere, even while practicing. Injuries happen but I hope George recovers and returns from this.


Registered Member
If an owner doesn't want his player sacrificing his body playing sanctioned games they are not paying him for, why should they be happy about the risk that comes with it? It enhances a player's game and awareness just as much as it takes an extra toll on a player's body when they could be resting. Paul George's injury simply gives them more ammo, but they've likely hated it for a while now


The return shall be legenday!
No sense of overreacting to a freak accident. It is a rather unfortunate situation for PG, but the odds of something like that happening is small. No sense of reacting to one isolated situation, but if there were more players getting hurt then I can see the argument.