No Mercy WWE Championship Challenger

Who will be replacing Cena in No Mercy's match???

  • Mr. Kennedy

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  • Carlito

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  • Jeff Hardy

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  • King Booker

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  • Triple H

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  • Val Venis

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  • Shawn Micheals

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  • Diva Search Contestants

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  • Chris Jericho

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  • Other?

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Bombe Sexuelle
Who do you think will be up in tonight's main event against Orton???

For th choices i've put here are the reason

Mr. Kennedy: talented young superstar. he was the one to put Cena OUT!

Carlito: Talented young superstar, he was good in his feud with HHH and may be set for a push.

Jeff Hardy: Everyone likes him and few are the ones that says he's not entertaining.

King Booker: It's my personnal choice, he's a good heel even if everyone hates this gimmick. He had a title reign last year and did a pretty good job with it.

Triple H: One of the fans favorite. He may be set soon for a title shot and his last one was long ago.

Val Venis: He's leading the poll on about who should be in the match, maybe WWE will listen to their fans

Shawn Micheals: The cryptic messages were talking about the 7.10.7, so this sunday... And HBK is one of the speculation for these cryptic messages. Good comeback match. Wasn't Orton the one to put him out???

Diva Search Contestants: I put this one in for the fun of it. Since they aren't much talented this could be a good moment to show their will to be in WWE.

Chris Jericho: The other assumed person about the Cryptic messages. Jericho is a great superstar and would make one imapct.

Other: Who else could it be?


#1 Spammer of FC
I don't know how the title it going to be decided tonight but I can't wait to see. I hope it's like Orton vs HHH or something like that because I think thats the best way to go right now and it'd be one hell of a good match.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
It's very hard to guess who it's going to be, it's also hard to say its going to be Triple H just because he's already in a match against Umaga. It might be a triple threat, or it might be a single match. I am sure whoever faces Orton, it should be a good match.


#1 Spammer of FC
Yeah they could make it a triple threat but then again I can't see that because then there's only five real matches announced right now which is really low. I think we could see somebody return and fight Orton for the title. Possible Kennedy.


Registered Member
Im guessing Jericho will be in the match, they were thinking of putting a Orton vs Jericho for the title, so i hope and i think itll be Jericho


#1 Spammer of FC
That would make sense to have him in the match. Him or Kennedy I think are possible re[placements to face Orton.