No electricity for 3 days

What would you do without electricity for 3 days?:-o

You'll have gas for heating and a gas cooker and water from the sink or bottled water

Though thoughts of the fridge and the freezer is a big concern for food :spin:


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Well if it was right now. The food part wouldn't matter too much, since it is like 12 degrees F right now. It is colder outside than my freezer is. I would probably work on some programs designing them on paper until I had electricity again so that I could work on them and probably sleep a lot.


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It has happened to me more then once, I've lost electricity for 1 week once, we had a huge ice storm near where I live, and it affected over 2000 households. Let me tell you it was boring, didn't do much, but sit around and talk to my friends and went outside a few times to take a lot what other places look like, if it was the same has my house.

But if I had a positive outlook out of this it would be that I didn't go to school for that whole week, which was awesome.


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I have lost elecricity for 2 days before when I was littler.

I don't know, I would probably do a slight amount of posting here on my laptop using a backup battery that's on a desktop computer in my house.

play plenty of Nintendo DS because my battery is fully charged at all times.

Read The Lord Of The Rings.

Play chess, monopoly, risk, taboo maybe, and a lot of card games.

lots of family time, lol.


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Man I hate it when the electricity goes out, it always seems to happen right around th time I buy new milk for the fridge, the I gotta put it on ice so it'll stay cold. Really annoying and takes times out of my other activities for the duration of the power outage.

My main concern would be the preservation of our refrigerated foods. Other than that, I wouldn't really mind. Hanging out and talking with friends would be enough entertainment for me.


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I'd read some novels I've been meaning to get around to reading... Probably do some cleaning and reorganizing some things as well. I'd be bummed though because I usually have music going when I clean. Guess I'd find out how long my iPod battery really lasts.