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No darling we want blue...


Babeasaurus Sex
When you shop for household items with your spouse/partner/housemates how do you decide on colour schemes and such?

Do you predetermine a look or colour or style prior to shopping or do you see what you want when you get there?

Are you anal retentive over everything following one theme or are you easy going and more eclectic in your styling?

Personally when I move into my "real house" the one that's for life I will be anal retentive over colour themes/styles. I am at the minute but I don't really have the chance to be.

My housemate and I will always sit down and chat about what we want it to look like before going out and buying.


Sally Twit
As we're renting it really doesn't matter to us so much if things match.

We are trying to stick with a red and grey theme as our sofa is grey and our curtains are red. Plus the sofa came with red cushions.
The walls are all neutral so we were lucky we didn't have to change that.
We were told if we did change the colour of the walls we'd have to change it back when we eventually move out. No thanks.

So I'm like you, Kee. When we buy a house we will definitely stick to a theme that we agree on.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Right now, it's pretty much..."no darling, that's above the price range we can afford". Unless I'm picking wardrobe, color/theme coordination doesn't matter to ma lately. Price and necessity dictate what I buy.


Where is my Queen?
I don't worry about color schemes at all, and if I ever get married I will have my wife make the decorating decisions. I do prefer stuff to match the color of the walls and carpet, but if I see a recliner that is comfortable as hell I don't care if it matches. I can live/sleep in a pink room for all I care. As long as the house is clean I am good.