No Credit


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I have absolutely no credit because I'm under 18 but I turn 18 in two days. I was just wondering what my best option is to build credit from no credit. Any advice that anyone can give is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Get a credit card and use it for something like gas, and just pay it at the end of the month. Great for your credit, but DON'T abuse the card. It can be thousands of times worse.


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And whatever you do, don't get a credit card unless you are prepared to have self control. The average American has $8,000 in credit card debt. You don't even want to come close to that.

I highly suggest never putting more money on the card than you can pay back at the end of the month. Once you start going into debt on your card it will become easier and easier to justify just a little more until sooner or later you realize that you are going under in credit card debt.