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No Counters To Lean On


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Solemn Judgment is a highly underestimated counter IMHO. In any type of control deck; burn/time seal; its awesome. I run 2 in my burn deck. Nothing like using it against their MST or Heavy Storm when they are trying to get rid of my Gravity Bind/Level Limit Area B/Wave Motion Cannon.


SJ is godly wen used properly

-_- i personally sideboard it in all of my decks


Another counter rap to look out for in future meta's:

Kickback...if you don't know what it does find it on the EOJ spoiler list...


Yeah, Advantage in about any part of a duel matters. MJ just isn't worth it anymore, it hasn't been worth it in a CC deck since Imperial Order came out, and after that got banned, Magic DRAIN became better, because while the opponent can still use their magic if they discard for it, that's still helping balance out the fact that they get their effect.

SJ IS a good card, great side deck material, and the best protection in stall/burn decks, Clowns, anything that's not really CC. But it takes mad skillz to know when to properly use it. If you waste it early on and pay 4000, that's really going to bite you in the ass later on, and I'm not talking about MUCH later on. The general rule in this format is that LP's don't matter until you are at/under 800, the point where you can't pay for things like Pre or Brain. That being the case, you still don't want to do something like reduce you LP's, if at all possible, by half in 1 fell swoop. Late game, even in a CC deck, SJ can be a game winner.

The whole LP's thing is why 7tools isn't that good anymore. It only negates 1 trap, and costs 1000 LP's. It works decently in Stein OTK deck, to counter Waboku, but other than that, it isn't useful anymore.

If you want to use counters in a CC deck, side them, and only use SJ's and MAYBE Magic Drains, as those are the two best. In non-CC decks, SJ's are your best option, with MD coming in 2nd. Again, Stein OTK can make good use of 7tools, but main no more than 1.