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No cookies for the kiddies


Free Spirit
Staff member
A Minnesota mother dubbed the 'Cookie Lady' who has been baking treats for the kids on her children's bus for 15 years has been shut down by an anonymous complaint.

Every Friday, Anne Tabat has met the school bus in her subdivision with a basket of cookies. It began as a thank you to the bus driver.

Mother who baked cookies for children on school bus for 15 years ordered to stop after anonymous complaint | Mail Online
It was a nice gesture for her to do this but I don't think I would want someone giving my kid cookies like that. I'm sure her intentions were good but it would make me nervous if I didn't know them. People do all sorts of crazy things anymore and feeding someone cookies that are tainted isn't beyond the realm of possibility.

What are your thoughts on this?


Certified Shitlord
If she's been doing it for 15 years, I highly doubt she'd be trying anything evil or wrong.

I think it's either some parent overreacting out of paranoia or in all honesty, probably some shmuck who thinks her kid is going to get fat, the type of parent that tends to ruin it for everyone else in school. I remember this huge lard ass in my hometown growing up whose mother, a neighboring celestial body, decided since her son couldn't lose weight, we should not longer get butterless popcorn or cookies in the cafeteria anymore. Butterless.


I'm serious
I'm with Hilander on this one. But not so much because I think she, or someone else doing something similar, would use it to do something evil. But how does that lady know of other kids allergies for instance. Let's say she makes cookies with nuts in one day and one kid is allergic to nuts. She may have meant well, but how will a kid say no to cookies everyone is eating?

I think it's dangerous and if you want to teach your kid to not accept candy from strangers, even the sweet lady making cookings for 15 years counts.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I'd be more nervous my kid is gonna get fat from all the free cookies rather than diseases or her putting something bad in them haha