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No answer.


New Member
There is this guy, we've been texting. We know each other, we're in the same group. We had this "no pressure" thread on Facebook, completely chill. he wants to meet a lot, I say yes, then today - he wanted to go for a walk with me and I said, "no - I got a paper. But how was your walk?" (because I answered really late). And now nothing.

WHY nothing? I mean... I'm bound to see him again! If he doesn't like me or changed his mind or whatever - isn't it easier to just reply a simple "yeah, trip was great". Or anything? Now it's just gonna be awkward for both of us.

And I admit, the times we hang, it's been kind of weird. Uncomfortable because none of us are of the talky type.. and I get really nervous. But I just don't get this. Why doesn't guys reply?

I'm actually assuming he kind of "gave up" because of all the weird tension between us and just thought that...ah screw it. I wont reply and we'll forget this.

I need honest answers!


Registered Member
So I'm gathering from this post that we're talking about a matter of hours...? Why not call him and talk on the phone? Or just send another message?

I'm beginning to get this impression that young people these days tend to read novels into text messages (or lacks thereof), when 160 characters of text is necessarily devoid of emotion and proper expression. Maybe his phone died.

That's my honest opinion.


Sally Twit
Pretzel is right. If someone doesn't reply to your text message in a matter of minutes it doesn't mean they don't like you. He might have been busy, his phone might be off, he could be charging it... Or if he's on 'pay as you go' he could have ran out of credit! There's lots of possible reasons.
Sometimes I don't reply to text messages the same day!

You're not in a relationship so I wouldn't read too much in to it.


I agree with them. Don't get too upset over the lack of an immediate response. I know that I, personally, tend to put my phone on vibrate, or at least a lower volume, when I am out in public so it doesn't annoy people when it goes off. The only problem is that I tend to not notice it go off. I've missed a text and not realized it until a number of hours later.


New Member
yeah its not a phone, it's Facebook. So I can tell he's been on after I sent the message.

I know, not reading a lot into it - just... bah. What to say. I'm a girl :)


Sally Twit
Again, I don't reply to FACEbook messages right away. Maybe he was going to reply but had to log off, maybe he forgot because there were other things he was doing on there.. Again, just like a phone - there are lots of possible reasons.
Just speak to him in person when you next see him. You shouldn't be hiding behind messages.


Babeasaurus Sex
I agree with the others try not to obsess over it because it'll make the tension worse!


Registered Member
I don't use Facebook so I won't comment on that.

The mind is a specialist for inventing the worse case scenario possible when we are slightly anxious, and by the tone of your posts you are obviously annoyed by this "no immediate response".

But like Bliss is suggesting, there could be hundreds of reasons for him not answering immediately and see: still you are thinking of the worse case scenario and go even further by making a negative feedback of your first meeting " the times we hang, it's been kind of weird. Uncomfortable because none of us are of the talky type.. and I get really nervous" since when being nervous on a first date is a bad things??

Young people are growing up, maturing in a society where it's "everything-Right now!!!!" so I can understand your frustration but Patience is mother of all virtues!

Blimey, I remember the days when we had to write (hand written letters) and had to wait for the answer which would take weeks at times (I'm only mid 30's :p not 70 :p) it's a pity that this has been lost..

So don't worry No answer, keep doing the things you like to do, and go with the flow, I'm sure you'll get an answer quickly enough.


New Member
great advices =) anyway... he always reply quickly so I'm guessing it's just some sort of reason besides the waiting-game. We're not exclusive or anything resembling it so I'm trying to keep my cool, but of course i still wonder why. I try to put myself in his shoes and even then I'd just take the curtesy to reply.

is it weird... if I contact HIM? or should I take the hint?