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NK nuclear arsenal is expanding


Free Spirit
Staff member
Raw Story said:
Chinese nuclear experts believe North Korea may already have a nuclear arsenal of 20 warheads and the uranium enrichment capacity to double that figure by next year, the Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.
China warns: North Korea’s nuclear arsenal is expanding

I'm surprised China is even talking about this. Maybe they are becoming more worried about their them even if they are suppose to be friends. South Korea thinks they have made significant strides in miniaturization of a nuclear device which could be fitted on the tip of a missile. Since NK has already threatened to nuke Washington I would be worried they would do it at some point. Their leader is kind of nuts.

As far as them getting NK to denuclearize I doubt they will accomplish that.



Registered Member
I seriously doubt that China is that concerned about the NK nukes. Yeah they did make an assessment but Russia has been investing hardcore in NK and getting closer to China.
Imo Chinas concerns and assessments are more about the need to build stronger ties with both NK and Russia. With stronger ties then neither NK or Russia will be a threat.

But hey that can play out for us too. The closer ties mean more control over Kim Jong-Un by leaders that dont really want a military confrontation with the US or the west.