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Does anyone watch it? This tuesday (Dec 20) they will finally reveal the Carver, and everyone is trying to guess who it is. They even have a blog set up at myspace.com. In any case, whoever s/he turns out to be, I'm sure it'll be a pretty big shock.


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MAN, We had a what show do you watch thread and this one was of the shows I listed! I cant wait to see who it is! In the preview didnt it show Quintin tied up to the bed and killed with the words written in blood, "I cant Stop"

I wonder who it is, many are guessing Jude. I am at a loss, last episode was awsome though. I hope Kimber is still alive and that she and her man will get married. This next episode will pwn all.


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I missed the Joy Kringle episode, but the preview is really setting up everyone to being a possible Carver. I thought it was Quiten at first (beginning of the season), then it started becoming too obivious. I've seen people saying anywhere from Dr. Bobolit to Sean, so I'm just going to sit back, expect everyone, and enjoy the show.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I've seen most of the episodes, I usually only catch it when I see it on. I thought that it was Quenten but now I think that it's Kimber.


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No way it could be Kimber. She was kidnapped by the Carver, and it showed how the Carver had cut both sides of her face. The Carver also butt raped that other guy, so unless she was strappin (get it!) there was no way it was her.

ALSO, I am glad to see Kit is back. I wonder what she will have to say.


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May contain spoilers for past episodes.

I can understand why people think it could be Kimber, in an earlier season she tied Christian up and marked his face with lipstick much like the Carver does with a scalpel. Kit has said that the carver probably has multiple personalities, which could mean that Kimber could be confronting the carver in her mind.

It really could be anyone, but I think the most shocking would be if it turned out to be Sean. Sean was the only one who wasn't raped, there is a dream sequence where Sean is looking into the mirror and sees the carver, and maybe subconsiously he feels that he must fix what he does as a Carver.

Then there is Liz, who has made many comments in earlier episode (specifically, in season 1) that is very similar to what the Carver has said (i.e. beauty is a curse, etc).

Quiten is the most obvious, and fits the Carver to a tee. His voice seems to be the one they're using for the Carver, and he has the body type of the Carver. Nip/Tuck has always been about twists though, and he is probably just a red herring.

Basically, almost every major character is capable of being the carver. With the exception of Matt (not a surgeon and the carver knows how to cut), and Christian (was in jail when the Carver struck). I think it has to be a character people actually care deeply about, since the carver brings so many fans in, people will be more likely to stick around to see what happens to him/her in the coming season.


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Hey Thermal, that was a good post.
I had heard on a Nip/Tuck board that the carver is not a MAIN/Major character but is a known character in the show.

I never thought of some of those possibilities! But in the episode where Christain and Kimber were getting married,
you saw someone walk into the room before she was kidnapped

I wonder who was not at the wedding that when you think about it...hmm he/she should have been there.
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