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Nintendo Nintendo's 9 Holiday Bundles


Well-Known Member
I knew Nintendo was looking into getting some more bundles out there but I had no idea they had worked their way all the way up to 9.

Nintendo's 9 Different Holiday Hardware Bundles - IGN

I actually already have the Windwaker Wii U Bundle, I got it on day one (still no regrets on that one).

The two that I am interested in are the gold 3DS XL and the silver 3DS XL. I know I want to get A Link Between Worlds eventually but I think I'd rather have a physical copy of the game. I am, admittedly, a secret Mario RPG fan though, so the other bundle holds some interest for me as well.

I might just get a standard 3DS XL (in Blue, Black, or Red) just because I'm not always into the special artwork and all that.


Problematic Shitlord
To be honest I think the Wii Mini is the only good deal there. I still think 300 is far too much for this system considering what it currently has to offer.