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What is your favorite Nintendo console? Mine is the original Nintendo, even though the graphics are pretty bad compared to todays graphics the overall entertaiment that the Nintendo gave you was awesome. The original Mario Bros was good but when Mario 3 came out it beats all games. So what do you guys think?


This is a tough one. I think that I will go with the DS because not only does it play the new games, but the great GBA games of the past several years. I'm not sure if it work with GB/GBC games, though. As far as just consoles go, I'm going with the SNES because of Super Metroid. Great game.


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this is a very tough choice, but i agree, the super nintendo has been the best to date. the street fighter series was on it, plus the original star fox opened to door allowing use to get to the level of gaming that we are at now.


i agree with the SNES vote. Secret of Mana is one of my favorite games on there

although i did make it stall somehow

my charaters are almost maxed out they're at LV 92 or close to anyway


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Gamecube?? What the hell? To each his own . . . but why? There is only a small handfull of good games on it.


meh, yeah i guess u can say so, but for someone who doesnt own any nitendo systems, including gameboys, i only play the good games cuz i play what my friends like, and well, naruto 4 is awesome