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NES Nintendo World Cup Soccer!!!!!!


Registered Member
Anybody remember this game? It was one of the few original NES games that was compatible with the NES Fourscore. One of my friends from back in 3rd grade had it and I remember all of us going over to his house to play. It was only multiplayer, but it was so fun because you could play on different surfaces like bumps, ice, cement, and all these different things that would have different effects on your players. Bumps was cool because players would automatically trip if they ran over a bump, and ice was cool because if you made the mistake of sliding, then it took you waaaay the hell across the field. If was fun to see people fly by sliding. And with cement, the players died quicker. But that was an extraordinarily fun game. I recommend everyone try it at least once. And if you're planning a multiplayer get-together anytime in the near future, then go to ebay, find a fourscore, and get everything you need for it.