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Wii Nintendo Wii's still not available in stores?


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Is it just me or are Wii's still near impossible to find in stores? I've been to Best Buy, Target, Wal-Mart, etc and I have yet to see one on the shelf. What gives? Did Nintendo royally miss their projected numbers for Wii sales? I mean, there HAS to be more demand than there is a supply right now.

They should have made a whole lot more if you ask me.


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Yeah I know what you mean. Luckily enough for me I was able to locate one at a Super Wal-Mart about 3 hours ago.

Good luck, better get one NIGHTS isn't waiting any longer.


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I heard that the Wii Shortage is expected to last into 2008. I guess people really like it.


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You could always try Ebay. you might end up getting out of there spending a little less money than you would in a store too!


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Alright, it's been almost a month since I purchased my Wii and wow am I impressed. First off, you know after a couple of days experimenting with the Wii remote and nunchaku (it's what they should call it since 'nunchuck' is actually a misspelling of the popular weapon) that this piece of technology in itself is cutting-edge and, no pun purporsly intended, is a revolution in gaming.

You can count the obvious ways. Very interesting controller input which can change gameplay drasticly depending on which game you are playing. You can be playing the same genre (FPS for example) but there might be different ways of playing it of course. You know, pointing the controller at the TV like an NES Light Gun or perhaps just using the remote like its an NES controller. So that alone offers added emphasis for the developer tinkering with this concept. Mind you the concept is still fresh but believe me it won't get replaced any time soon.

Bottom line is this system feels like a seventh generation console. It is not a souped up Xbox or a PS2 with an extra numeral added onto it. It's the best console since the Dreamcast. Do you really feel like that is pushing the bar in the video game industry? It's nice on paper, but it's oh so 2001.

And besides, do you really want to play Halo 3 online for the next two years?

No thanks, I'll pass. I'll take the Super Mario Galaxy you can keep your Master Chiefs and those Capcom games that graphically haven't changed since Sega's last foray into the console industry.



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i've been having the same problem. my sister wanted to get one for her boyfriend also but couldn't find any. i guess we just have to wait :(


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i tried to get one but there was none so i had to get a psp


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I have a feeling you're going to end up regretting that decision.