Wii Nintendo Wiight-sabers, fight like a Jedi


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Anybody else looking forward to "Wiight-sabers?" (Ok, I made up that term, but I like it and think it could work nicely).

Think about it, with the Wiimote, we can now get as close to fighting with a lightsaber than we have ever been. Lightsabers don't have blades, making them extremely dangerous due to the fact that there is no counter weight.

In the Star Wars world, Han Solo is the only person to ever use a lightsaber and not kill himself by accident. Everybody else accidentally cuts themselves when swinging because the blade is weightless.

So, there's some history for you. Who wants to see wiight-sabers? I don't need an extre special Star Wars edition light saber lookalike wiimote. Just give me some nice games that involve lightsabers and I'll be happy. :D