Nintendo Wii outsells PS3 in December


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I mean come on, to the average middle class and lower class buyer,a PS3 costs an arm and a leg or how my mom likes to say it:" it costs like two of my car payments or one of my house payments!" The Wii of course is cheaper and is in the range of the average game console price, or as in other words, affordable. I want a PS3 so bad but I have to wait so lllllooonngg to get one T_T When the price drops down though I believe then it might sell like hot cakes because then ppl can afford them.


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I predicted that the Wii would win the conslole wars, and its getting off to a great start. Eventually it will become dominant console utilizing all of its abilites.


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i don't think that Mario Galaxy is out yet, but the new Smash Bros is coming by the summer. i'm not surprised that Nintendo is gradually taking ground because the PS3 is overpriced and both the PS3 and XBOX360 are just minor upgrades of their predecessors whereas Nintendo is redefining controls and expanding backwards compatability through the virtual console.


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Deceptive. Both consoles sold under their expectations.

Well, we must also consider that the Wii has to sell more than twice as many consoles than the PS3, excluding the softwar differential.


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New Console, New Record.

I never expected this to happen, I mean, I always thought, "Wii won't be popular than PS3" and hell, it has proven me wrong.


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See, the problem is Sony's ego.

I remember reading on Kotaku that the Wii costs only around $160 per system in manufacturing costs while the PS3 costs around the same price as a 360, about $405+ or so. Now, the PS3 could have easily have been sold for 450 and 500 respectively and it may have seen better sales. However, Kutaragi, SCEI's (Sony Computer Entertainment) chairman is gung ho about that PS3 and doesn't seem to think the PS3 needs any lower price.

Sony is used to dominating the console market in my opinion. The Playstation was a massive hit, the PS2 even bigger. Does it seem possible for Sony to go 2 for 3 in terms of console success? With a track record like they have, it's only expected that they've got some big heads over there.

The Wii is also a "little-bit-for-everyone" system that has many forms of appeal, which is why it will continue to sell as well as it is. All three (now current-gen) systems have games on the horizon that should balloon sales figures. 360 has Halo 3 and Dead Rising 2, PS3 has Devil May Cry 4 and FFXIII, and Wii has Smash Bros Brawl and a new Fire Emblem game, so it will be quite a thrilling year.


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God. I'm so glad I have a Wii for Zelda (woot), supersmash bros, and samurai warriors (to come soon). But I'm so pissed that I need a 360 for halo and dead rising, gears of war. And I need a Ps3 for FF13 (necessary) and DMC4 (necessary).

I bought the Wii first cause it was the cheapest and easiest to get. Also was my favorite game of the three that came out first.