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Wii Nintendo... "Wii" have a problem.


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I have to say, the revolution was an awesome name, and had great potential....

Now... apparently Nintendo has unveiled the official name for its next system... "Wii" pronounced "we"...

I don't have much to say except that I think the name sounds very strange. Nintendo was going for the new and ahead of technology feel with the weird controllers... but I think with this "icing" on the cake, this could very well a big mistake.

And I am a big Nintendo fan myself. I think it's a shame to see this happen, and hope I am wrong. I just can't make sense of the recent decisions..

Wii be nice to them if they be nice to us!


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most people have a problem with it since most 'console' names are extensions of there previous console name!! PS 1/2/3 ... xbox/360

Nintendo hasnt used the same name since NES/SNES

While Wii is a silly name, and even Ive gone around yelling WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for hours on end, it is different, and in many ways better than 'Revolution' which isnt even pronouncable in Japanese (and several other languages)

WE (Wii) play games

WE (Wii) like to play with others (WiFi connection)

WE (Wii) like games that are not poorly ported or remakes of the same game over and over again (even though it could still happen with the 'shell')

Anyhow... why not go for different and over the top, while most systems with cool names go down the sh!tter... Jaguar, Dreamcast... ect...

Revolution would have failed as a name over any other... and before you all spout what a 'fanboy' I am, let me tell you, I am not happy with the name 'Wii' but am more confident with it day after day... as that is what NINTENDO is looking for... a WE (Wii) instead of a I (360/ps3)


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I agree, the name is different, and it's not going to stop me from buying the new Nintendo, but I'm worried on the overall effect it's going to have on consumers.
It should intrigue people, because now they have moved innovation into their name instead of just the console itself. It should definitely help it stand out and give it that innovative feel, but I just hope consumers see that.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Terrible name. Just sounds kiddy. Let me guess, they're going to call the controller the "wiimote."



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you all must have a 6 year old mentality.

IGN's been calling it the re-mote forever and now 'Wiimote' since the new name was revealed.

Andrew... Nintendo isnt just trying to get the current consumer or the ones currently playing games.... They are trying to get everyone...

Sure those to insecure to say they are playing a Wii will avoid it like the plague... but thats not really where the N's focus is. They want people who dont like the way the current games and gameplay (15+ buttons)

I am already tired of the jokes, as are most of the responces that I have seen to the topics... Wii is more than Nintendo. Wii is a experiance that no other can give. Wii (so far) is Nintendo, Sega, TurboGrafix16
(Hudson/NEC)... meaning that almost EVERY great game from the 16bit era will be able to be played... ONLY ON Wii!!

One company is even going to release there older games on the system, with the 'Wiimotes' special abilities... meaning a new way to play those classic titles.

Which means others can do it too... I wouldnt be surprised to see some classic Nintendo games with new controls... If someone else does it, Nintendo is most likely considering it for themselves (and be able to do it better)

I think of Wii as 'small' or 'us' ... anyone thinking of the childish 'wee wee' are those nintendo wants to avoid anyhow, as the games will never be enough for them.

Nintendo is headed in the right direction, a few more 'Wii' announcements at E3, and Nintendo can make alot of people happy. AND considering the overall sucess of the DS... I think Nintendo is in a position to make a bigger run than they have in the last 2 generations of home consoles!