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Discussion in 'Video Games' started by kajin_phoenixlord, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. A post from another thread allowed me to bring this up. I've been having this thought in the back of my mind that Nintendo should try to do something different with their market. For the past 20+ years they have marketed Mario hard as hell. It's true that Mario has put Nintendo on the map with the gaming world, but I'm starting to feel that it may start to be wearing thin. Anyone one who is at least 14 years old and older knows how fun Mario games can be, but how much longer can they keep milking Mario?

  2. Malificus

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    Mario stays fun as long as he's treated like Zelda, Every game being a new Adventure in a true Mario world, not fifty thousand Mario Spinoffs. Most Mario spinoffs aren't bad, but games like Mario Party don't do anything new after the first one.
  3. Mario Party was retarded, they need to have Wario as the villian in the new Mario game, if they make one, like Wario and Bowser team up.
  4. I understand what you guys mean. Mario games are fun, but I wish they at least would do something a bit different somehow. Having a new villain may be better for a change, but with all of these Mario spinoffs it's getting crazy. One spinoff that actually took Mario in another direction was Mario RPG. That was a good game.
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    To me the best Marior game was Super Mario Bros. 3. Before they started to change crap around. I rather hated what they did with the Koopa Kids in Super Mario World (also the first game to drop Bros. out of its title).
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    All the spinoffs are lame, the actual Mario adventure games are the best. I wish there would be another Mario RPG, not that piece of crap Paper Mario, that just pissed me off. Mario is Nintendo's poster child and the most well known gaming icon next to Pacman, so it's not likely that they'll stop marketing him.
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    Yeah there were a few games that were recently created that were good. like super mario sunshine
  8. Well, Sunshine was a pretty good game. Now, I bring up something Merc said. He was right about mario basically being the poster child of Nintendo. Nintendo has been marketing Mario for over 20 years now. Now this is just hypothetical, but Mario can't keep going on like that with all the different games that's coming out now. Eventually, with the exception of loyal fans, people are gonna start looking past Mario and go for other titles. That's just how I see it.

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