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So with my new job I have a lot of time where I sit around playing games on my cell phone. Not the best games either heh. I was thinking of picking up a Nintendo DS to fill the space. However I know VERY little on the DS. Was hoping you could all give me some advice.

How does it play?
What are some of the better games?
Whats with the whole stylus pen thing?

and any other information you can give me would be very much welcome. Thanks =)


Some of the better games right now: Mario Kart, New Super Mario Bros, Metroid Hunters, Castlevania DS, Mario 64 DS, Trauma Center, Trace Memory, Phoenix Wright, Starfox, Megaman ZX, Big Brain Academy, Elite Beat Agents, Meteos, Tetris DS, Contact, Nintendogs, Animal Crossing, WarioWare, Tony Hawk, Viewtiful Joe, Advance Wars, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Sonic Rush

How does it play: Has a pretty diverse collection of good/great games of different genres, some of which offering unique puzzles and such based on the second screen of the DS, the touch screen. Capable of connecting to a wireless network for internet play on certain games(Starfox, Mario Kart, Metroid Hunters, Animal Crossing, Contact among others) and also allows multiple DS's in the same room to connect together using it's own communication format to play multiplayer games, often with only one person having the game if necessary. Also capable of playing Gameboy Advanced games, so you have access to that game library as well.

Overall, the DS is a lot of fun, though not as technically powerful as the PSP it has by far the better game library. Here's some more detailed information on the system itself if you wish:
I say he pretty much covered the games on DS...quite a list of GREAT titles...including Final Fantasy 3 which just hit.

DS plays great, never glitchy or choppy unless playing WiFi...and even that is minimal. Controls are easy, nothing's hard to find, and video is great. For a handheld of Nintendo's, it's the best I've seen.

Stylus, basically gives you power to control the motion of the game. Whether slicing someone open on Trauma Center, to walking around in Animal Crossing, or even aiming in Metroid Prime Hunters. It's really great and makes you feel more in control of what happens.