nintendo ds lite or psp??

trying to decide for christmas gift.what of each is better?and why is one better than the other.which has more games??thanks for info!!


Where is my Queen?
I would go with the nintendo ds. Me personally think that a handheld system should be easy to pick up and have fun doing so. Most of the psp games will have a learning curve and to me that is not what a handheld system should be like.


Guardian of the Light
I personally would go with the Nintendo DS Lite because it's Nintendo, it also has 2 screens and makes gameplay a lot of fun, almost every DS game required use of the touch screen which is a great feature, and if you have game boy advance games you can play those on the DS Lite, so alltogether i would say that the DS has a lot more games and I would say that it is a lot better for all age groups, the PSP is too big for me and it's more expensive.