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Nintendo Nintendo DS Lite(Black version) Heist


l 7SIN Sasori l
Found this on Pojo, thought it intersting enough to bring here.


We're not sure what you'd do with as many as 18,000 Nintendo DS units that you swiped alongside a stockpile of games in a container in Hong Kong, but it looks like nearly any number of black DS Lites and games were stolen in a $2.3 million dollar heist en route to Europe for launch later this month. A reward of $1 million HKD (about $129,000 US) was posted by Hong Kong police, but something tells us that the perps and their associates behind this -- easily one of the largest gadget hustles we've yet heard of -- won't be quick to give up some names. Then again, we imagine that tasty reward might be a bit tempting, so be a little cautious when bidding for your next DS on eBay; you know, make sure the quantity isn't listed in the thousands, ok?
15,000 DS Lite Blacks....*poof*...gone, ninja-esque style.

Check E-Bay for people getting rid of em...might be able to snag one.


hmm, thats pretty retarded to steal 18,000 of the same thing. you cant sell them, cause taht would be really suspicious. lol, walk into a game store "how much can i get for 18,000 gameboys?"