Nintendo Nintendo DS child molester tool


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Yes, Pictochat can be used by paedophiles to get in contact with little children...same e-mail and Internet chat rooms. Heck, a child is still in danger if she or he walks out of the house!

It's chat software. Of course a paedophile is able to use it to try and chat to a child. You deal with it the same way you deal with random people contacting you in a chat room, a forum, or via e-mail - ignore the fucker.

What I like is how he says that someone can contact your child whilst on the road. Now, if this person is in the front passenger seat, or the rear of the car, then yes, it is possible. But whilst they're driving? How the hell are they writing messages if both hands, or at least one is occupied? (Penny Arcade touched on this already, but I've been thinking how else it's possible.) I can imagine watching adults driving down a road now, with the DS held in one hand up near the steering wheel, stylus in the other, whilst trying to concentrate on the road, failing horribly, and swerving all over the road.


It's just scare material to draw attention to a bad story. Yet another example of the bias in the media against video games.


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It's just sad how people try to destroy the world of gaming. Tch, what person would ever fall to the temptations of a CM anyway? I don't know why you would chat on a game system in the first place, it's what you have computers and all those other knick-knacks for -_-;


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If I were a pedophile I wouldn't go through the troube of setting that up, I'd just get a van, paint 'Free Candy' on the side, and get to molestin.