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Nintendo Nintendo Anthology Artwork


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Just came across this on deviantart. What do you think? Can you see any blatant oversights or did this guy pretty much nail it?

Nintendo Anthology by ~Lwiis64 on deviantART

Full Size Image Here (6601 x 2362)

I'm sure some ultra nerd/fanboy out there is already planning his sleeve after seeing this. :lol:
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That is one awesome piece of art, but I honestly wouldn't know if the artist would have left anybody out. There's been so many characters over Nintendo's many years that I wouldn't be surprised if someone had been left out.


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He could have done Banjo Kazooie better. I see Banjo, but I am having trouble seeing Kazooie sticking out of his backpack :S


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Considering just how many characters there are in Zelda Windwaker alone I'm sure he missed quite a few characters. :lol: Unless he was only doing it for main characters. But I don't think so. Obviously there are quite a few Pokemon missing as well.

I also don't see the Jet Force anywhere.

There are also several Donkey Kong characters missing.
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I've found my new tatoo O.O!!!

Lol Brix.

Anyway very cool. I'm sure as some of you have said there would be a few missed characters, but I really want htis as a poster on my wall!