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Well the other day I was kind of bored so I sat down to play some N64 for the first time in probably 3 months, I haven't really played much in the pasta 6 months.

I'm sitting there playing Perfect Dark realizing that I had really been missing out on all of the fun, now I have found myself playing Perfect Dark and Jet Force Gemini a lot, I've also thrown in a little bit of Banjo Kazooie, I guess that I forgot how much I loved N64. I suddenly feel motivated to beat all of the games that I never beat, and they're all made by Rareware.:)

Has anybody else revived their N64 or does it mostly just sit and collect dust?
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I haven't touched my N64 since I got the 360 around Christmas. I still have tons of games I have yet played on the 360, so I don't see myself picking up the 64 again anytime soon.


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My N64 sadly is collecting more than just dust, it's collecting heap and waste.

It broke on me a while back, now all I do for my gaming pleasures is play with my XBOX.
Aye, I find myself going back to old contoles to play some of the classic. Right now, (ever since I quit a MMORPG a couple months back) I been playing Secret of Mana (for SNES). It's a nice change of pace, and fun to boot. Repeating the adventure over again and seeing things I missed the first and second time I played through.

I have a horrible memory, so it's basically like a new game to me anyways. =P


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I have a horrible memory, so it's basically like a new game to me anyways. =P

I can be like that sometimes so I'll play older games, I find that I tend to like older games a lot more than newer ones almost all the time, it's weird I guess I just have a thing for older games.

I'm a diehard N64 fan for sure.
Psh, screw a revival. I'm the kind of guy that won't let that machine even decide to collect dust. I love that system. It had some of my favorite games ever on it. Some good times as well...

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Excitebike 64
Resident Evil 2

Psh...own em all too =P


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I started out on N64 but never really got good at it before game cube. The game cube was okay, especially the mem cards, but I didn't see how Legend of Zelda, Midnight Princess was suppose to be more fun than the earlier Zelda games. After I wore out my second game cube, I decided to go back to my N64. I've beaten OoT & Majora's but they're still fun to play, anyway, and there's so many other games too! Even with wii, think I'll never let go of my N64!