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Xbox 360 Ninja Gaiden II


Registered Member
So who purchased this game?

I bought it yesterday and ran through the first level and part of the second.

To be honest graphically it's pretty clean but I don't notice a huge leap from Ninja Gaiden I (or Ninja Gaiden Black).

Also so far the gameplay is nearly identical to that of 1 and the normal most appears easier than Ninja Gaiden I's normal mode. I didn't die once in the sequel's first level. In Ninja Gaiden I died about every 2 or 3 minutes in the first level.

There are some finesse moves that are in II that were absent in I. But I haven't noticed and real new moves. Yes their is dismemberment of limbs which is a nice realistic touch, more beheadings, more blood, and couple more insteresting combos to your power moves. But I haven't noticed any new moves just new animations to an existing move.

Overall, it feels a lot like the same game. I have seen few dramatic differences to a game that's predecessor is 4 years old.

I enjoy the game nonetheless and there could be a lot more to it than just the first level but I have found with the old game the core gameplay didnt change too much as you went from level to level.

Anyone else own the game and want to share some opinions.


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Me i purshaced i like ninja games they are so cool but ninja gaiden did you know it started on NES and have you played DS version