NIN - The Slip


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Suprisingly not too long after the release of the four disc instrumental album NIN has done it again. nine inch nails: the slip A brand new 10 track album is available for download from their site 100% free. This one also has vocal tracks which is great because even though I liked Ghosts I-IV I did miss his voice. My first impressions are pretty positive, I find that NIN always release a few good songs along with some well.... not so great ones but for free I'm not complaining.


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I think the album is pretty solid. Far better than With Teeth, and I actually paid for that. It amazes me that Trent released it pro bono.
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I've listened to it, and while it's free, it's definitely not the step forward Reznor needs.

It seems much like With Teeth Part 2. There isn't the lyrical ties that Year Zero had to bind it together, thus it feels disjointed like With Teeth. Discipline seems too much like Beginning of the End, which seems too much like Only.

It's pretty solid, but Reznor seems to have gotten too caught up in making lots of material, rather than making the quality work that Pretty Hate Machine, The Downward Spiral, and The Fragile were.
Well my thoughts on each of NIN's regular releases

Pretty Hate Machine 5/5
Broken 4/5
The Downward Spiral 4.5/5
The Fragile 4/5
With Teeth 3/5
Year Zero 3.5/5
Ghosts 4/5
The Slip 2/5