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Night's Out


aka ginger warlock
Like most I enjoy nights out whether it be going to a freinds and having a quiet night of drinking whilst listening to music/watching films, going to a pub with a few friends usually in a quite enviroment but I very rarely enjoy clubbing. A few of my freinds seem to love it, going on pub crawls, staying out til the wee hours and maybe I am getting old before my time but I just don't enjoy that, I don't think I ever have. I really prefer sitting in a pub with good freinds having a few pints and having a real conversation, this may as I say make me a fuddy duddy (I can't believe I used that phrase) but I really enjoy just doing that.

What is your favourite kind of night out? Is it true that "staying in is the new going out"?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm a huge party guy, whether it's going to a pub/bar/club/house parties you name it I enjoy it. I usually go every Friday and Saturday night. I just have so much fun going out with my friends and having a good ol' time. I've been doing it since I turned 18, and I'm still not tired of doing it. I'm sure in a few years my lifestyle will change(I'll still go to pubs though) but as of right now I enjoy it.


Well-Known Member
My favourite nights out are definitely house parties. Or backyard bbqs/drinking. I feel I can let loose more than out at pubs/clubs etc because I don't have to worry about getting arrested or something. Not that I mind going to pubs and such, still a good night out.


Registered Member
I prefer a pub that is not heaving with people.
Tomorow I will spending the evening in the British Legion, not exactly the hippest place to go but the beer is cheap, as are the snooker tables.

I dont like pubs/bars that are so busy you are standing five deep at the bar, I prefer to get my drink without being pushed/shoved/elbowed, as that annoys the hell out of me.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
Most of the time I stay in because of my kids. Hiring a nanny just to go out for a soiree is too much (and too expensive). Two weekends a month though, I don't have custody of them so I can go out and stay out at night. Sometimes I still find myself staying at home. Sometimes I do go to pubs especially if there's a good sports game - I like watching in a sports bar. Or I attend parties that are usually held in someone's house. It's more relaxed and less expensive than a night out at a bar. During my vacations when I travel I do lots of bar hopping and drinking sessions...freeedoooom! :lol: If I can go to a club, that's fine too.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I enjoy going to a mellow pub or sports bar with my friends to watch a game and have a few beers. If I'm going to get really drunk though I prefer to do it at a house/backyard party. I don't like real noisy bars and it's too expensive to drink a lot there.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I much prefer to stay in these days. The thought of "going out" doesn't really appeal to me much anymore and to be honest it never really did all that much anyway. I like bars, don't get me wrong, but I like the sit down kind where I can relax and drink and all that.

The only time I'll go out is if someone drags me out of the house or something is going on where I feel I should go. Most of the time these days my friends and I do the house party route anyway.


My favorite way of spending a night out is having a great conversation with people I enjoy staying.
Going somewhere [nor noisy, nor totally quite], a good music in the background, drinking beers and talking, laughing and stuff like that would be a perfect way of spending the night out.
Maybe dancing a little would be very ok but dancing the whole night, no.

When I was younger I used to dance all night long, but not anymore. Now it's more important to have good people around you and enjoy their company.


Sally Twit
Staying in is definitely the new going out for me. I have a much better time if I am in my own house or someone else's. I can relax more and not have to worry about getting home.