Nightmare Wheel, Tuesday July 25th 2006

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To day we take a look at one of the older cards in the game: Nightmare Wheel.

If you are looking for a solid burn/stall card then you may want to consider this. When it comes to stalling it's perfect. It stops a monster dead in it's tracks and wont allow it to attack. Obviously if you are looking for protection or a way to stay damage free then your looking at it.

Being able to stop a heavy hitter or any thing that may hurt you is good. While Mataza The Zapper may just be one of those things that you need to stop. I'm sure you are thinking I'm crazy for even considering Mataza as a problem but truth be told he is. With Enemy Controller being common now players are looking to take control of peoples monsters. If you have this out then your opponent is forced to use Enemy Controller defensively and not offensively. This gives Nightmare Wheel the power to stop troublesome cards like this.

Aside from being able to stop treats and stalling the game it can burn. While you and your opponent are stuck in a stalled game you might as well have some fun with them. Nightmare Wheal does just that. In stead of just stalling the game and getting nothing out of it you may want to have a rewording effect to it. Each turn your opponent takes 500 damage. In a meta where people run a random Cyber Stein this is a good thing. It'll be able to set your opponents life points low enough to hit the mark.

Over all I would have to say this card is good. If you are looking for something that will stall the game and burn your opponents life points while you are at it then this is what you are looking for.

Traditional: 1-5
Advanced: 2-5
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